A good sign turned bummer

Well, last night was a bit of a bummer. The good first: I got a rare sign of ovulation yesterday- EWCM! I rarely get this because I don’t think I ovulate every month. My cycles are very irregular. Of course, my husband picks this night to come home in a bad mood. We go out to his favorite Chinese place to cheer him up. We come home and next thing I know he is asleep!! Turkey!! This is strange because I always go to sleep before him!! Bummer. But maybe we still have a shot at pregnancy this month from an earlier attempt. We’ll see. For some reason, I am really hopeful this month. We didn’t hit the mark, exactly, but at least I have the signs that lead me to believe I am ovulating.
I met (through email) another person who is trying to conceive! Julie has her own great website. Perhaps she’ll allow me to put a link to her journal on my front page. It is amazing that we started TTCing and writing online journals at practically the same time.
Well, Sam has graduated from “NaNa!” (for banana) to “BaNaNaNa!” He gets an extra syllable in there and it is SO CUTE! ! He also uses “Uh Oh!” in proper context too. He’s so smart! As soon as he gets swimpers, we are going to hit the pools! I can’t wait to see how he likes the water. His first birthday party is the Saturday after this one. And it is a pool party!