A pressing matter

We went to a rock concert yesterday. It was fun. I really like Survivor (“The Eye of the Tiger”). I couldn’t help but think that if I am pregnant, my baby is going to grow up with a passion for rock music!!! The music was pounding SO HARD that surely even embryos without ears could have heard it!!! The thought made me chuckle.
I know pregnant women aren’t supposed to pick up heavy things. I wonder what is too heavy. I am kinda nervous on whether or not I should put Sam up against my tummy. And what am I going to do when I start showing? Won’t the weight press down too much on the baby? What do pregnant women who have toddlers do? I guess I’ll ask the doctor after I find out I’m pregnant.
Not too much to report on the TTC front. If my guess is right (you never really know with me!) I am in the middle of the 2WW. I am hopeful.