I have a sweet, sweet DH

Today was a good day at work. Sam was in such a good mood! At one point, he crawled up to the chair I was sitting in and pulled himself up to standing. He grinned a big slobbery grin and held out his hands for me to pick him up. I cuddled with him for a minute, gave him a few kisses. Then, he laid his head on my shoulder and went to sleep. Big sigh! He is so sweet! 🙂
As we were gearing down to go to sleep last night, Darrell pointed out to me that his initials are the same as the DH (Dear Husband) used on many baby diaries. I never realized this and thought that it was very appropriate. And I loved how he was the one to notice. I am pleased because I am the one who wants a baby so much. He wants one or two someday, but he had to be convinced (to put it lightly) that now was a good time. I guess he really is thinking about it and planning it in his own way. Grin.
My DH is so sweet (must be the phrase of the day—see above)! I set up my guestbook yesterday and he made an entry today. He doesn’t want to intrude (though I tell him he wouldn’t) on my private writings so he doesn’t want to read the entries yet. He says he might after we have the baby. It was totally a surprise that he did it too. I had only casually mentioned that I had set a guestbook up. I didn’t even hint that I wanted him to write in it! He is so supportive of me and my crazy ideas!
I think often about how my MIL told me recently that she thought we were having problems conceiving (not in so many words). I guess she assumed that after we married that we’d let nature take her course immediately. I guess it was good that we waited a year—now that the year is over!!! I can’t wait to tell her some good news!! I can’t wait to hold my own sweet baby in my arms! I put a baby graphic on my index page yesterday. I am glad I did because it makes me smile every time I see it!! It is adorable!