A romantic surprise

(Memorial Day)
I just got back from a romantic little getaway to Lake Corpus Christi State Park. It was a surprise trip- I had no idea where we were going until we got there! My DH made all the preparations himself! We had lots of fun swimming in a beautiful lake and hiking to a nearby dam. We played with beach toys and grilled hamburgers and s’mores at our cute little one room cabin. It really was a great trip and we laughed a lot. For example, we forgot to pack any shirts for Darrell. And I had to pee in a pickle jar (don’t ask). Darrell made a funny comment after we saw a poor woman running into a bathroom to be sick. We guessed she was having morning sickness. He said, “She’s going to call Ralph on the big white phone.” That struck me as hilariously funny!
On a more serious note, I have been spotting the last few days, so I think cycle #2 is on its merry way out the door. I’ll soon know for sure.