Ebay fashions– I think I jinxed myself

I won a pair of maternity pants off of ebay last night- for $15 total. Then today I won a pair of maternity shorts for $7. I was so excited because I won the shorts at the last minute by a penny!! I am choosing to buy a lot of what I need off of ebay so I can spend more of our money on the baby. I don’t mind wearing used clothes, especially since I’ll only need maternity wear for 4 or 5 months. Building up what I’ll need may take some time, depending on the selection available and what I win. I may also sew some stuff.
But I think I jinxed myself. You know how some people wait until they actually have a baby in their arms until they buy anything in fear that they’ll mess things up? Well, I haven’t even conceived yet and I am buying (a few) baby-related things! I feel creepy. I’m sure my DH thinks I’m nuts but won’t say it. And of course I tested myself today. You can see where this is heading I’m sure….
Well, I had several days of spotting and was sure AF was going to show up. Then it cleared up and for the last 2 days I haven’t had any at all. So I got out the Test and took it as soon as I got home from work. Negative. Even ten minutes later. My calendar shows that it has been 14-15 days since EWCM, so I think I timed the test right. So I wonder what the spotting was for? I spotted last month too. Hmm. I am thinking low progesterone maybe? Didn’t I read about mid-cycle spotting or something once?
I guess I will be starting cycle #3 any day now. If not, I’ll test again. My annual gyn. visit is typically in August. I’ll have to ask my dr. about the spotting and whether she thinks I am even ovulating. All in all, my spirits are still pretty good. I am keeping myself busy and trying not to become too disappointed yet.