Nursery theme plans

Well my Auntie Flo returned today. This cycle was 36 days long, which isn’t so bad. They’ve actually been shorter lately. The longest cycle I’ve had in the last 6 or 7 cycles is 40 days. Usually I’ve had a couple that last 45 days. Still, I’ve got to find out what the mid-cycle spotting means. I think I might try the plain Robitussin next cycle. I don’t get very much CM.
I now own 2 pairs of maternity jeans, 2 shorts, and a pair of pants. And a sewing for baby book! Ebay is addictive and exciting! This whole set cost me about $65, shipping and everything. About half of the clothes are brand new. I can’t wait for something to actually arrive in the mail. I am dying to try something on! I want to get an estimate of how big I’m gonna get! Okay, I admit it! I’ll probably stuff in a few little pillows too! Smile. I may or may not buy a swimsuit. I’ll need a few shirts, but I won’t buy very many. I have a feeling several that I already own will last for quite some time.
I have pretty much decided on a moon and stars nursery. Good for boy or girl, though I’ll attempt to find out the sex during an ultrasound. It is good to be prepared for either, just in case. I like the “Over the Moon” nursery set by Kidsline. It has a “Hey, diddle diddle…” nursery rhyme theme with moons and stars. I am trying to win a cross-stitched framed design that would go great with it. It has different colored cows jumping over a moon with “Dare to be different!” printed in the middle. I love it!
I am prepared—baby where are you?!