Sweatshirt stuffing

On the TTC topic, I am still in the middle of my period.
I got my first maternity thing today! I received a pair of maternity jeans in the mail last night. It is one of the items I ordered off of ebay. They cost about $16 total. In a store around here they would be at least $35, probably $40. I also got my first blessing on the baby (by email). Of course, she would think I was pregnant if I was ordering maternity clothes! I was a bit embarrassed. Then, of course, I had to run and change into them to see if they fit (and more importantly, to see how big I’ll probably get!!). They fit WONDERFULLY! They are soooo comfortable. Not at all stiff like new jeans commonly are. I am going to live in these jeans! I stuffed a wadded up, thick sweatshirt underneath the waistband, patted it into the right shape, and went to go show my woefully unprepared for this sight husband. He was sitting at the computer and I came up behind him and told him to turn around. His eyes got wide! Grin. But he recovered nicely and remarked that he thought I’d carry a little lower down. Hopefully we’ll see for ourselves soon!
Okay, the game of “Trying to Conceive” has lost its fun newness. I am ready to be pregnant! Sigh. Let’s hope this next cycle is the one for us!