The M&M project

My period ended Sunday night, and I believe that was day 7. That makes today day 9. I guess in the next few days Baby Dancing fun will start up again. I am ready to get going on this cycle. 30 days (roughly) never went this slow before.
I have a lot of maternity clothes now! I have 2 pairs of jeans (one light blue, one dark blue), a pair of navy pants, a pair of tan pants, a pair of dark blue jean shorts, and another pair of shorts that will arrive any day now. Two of the pants have adjustable elastic in the tummy pouch—it really makes a big difference!
I think I am going to try to make some of the nursery items. I’ve decided that the “Over the Moon” designed items are just too expensive. I’ve been trying to think of new ideas (some along the moon/ stars theme, some not). We went to Sea World last weekend and Darrell won me a set of 11 inch stuffed M&M characters. I have always loved the M&M characters!! I have all 5: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange (who they also call Crispy). We started talking about how they’d make cute nursery decorations, which led to the discussion of an M&M nursery theme. I love the idea! We thought we could hang a couple from a trapeze type bar from the ceiling and maybe another from a set of rings. Maybe a couple more could be climbing a pole type lamp, etc. The next day he took me fabric shopping. M&M fabric exists but it is very difficult to find any that isn’t holiday related. We had one poor guy at one store call around town to other locations for us. Another store had soft flannel with the characters on it! We went and picked it up. It was great because it only cost $2.44 per yard! We bought the 4 yards they had. Another store had flannel in the candies (not the characters). It was $5.99 per yard. I didn’t buy it because I saw some of this kind on ebay, which was a bit less. I think these will go good together. I’ll use the flannel mostly for fitted sheets and curtains, I think. I’ll make/ buy bumpers, dust ruffles (is that what they’re called?), and maybe a blanket in primary colors and just do the edging in the M&M fabric. This should be fun!

Me with little Sam. Isn’t he cute?!