Borderline crazy

Boy, am I glad it is Saturday! :o)
Last night DH and I went to Garden Ridge to finish shopping for the stuff I need to make my brother’s wedding gift basket. We had SO much fun finding silly stuff to add to the serious gifts we’d already bought. Right in the middle of this we passed a display of rolls of different wall borders. Someone had opened one roll and it was draped down the front of the display. It was the PERFECT border to go with our M&M theme! I couldn’t believe it! It was made up of large diamonds with slightly muted colors of red, blue, green, and yellow. We loved it instantly and the walls can be colored this slightly dulled shade of yellow. But I still haven’t given up on all four walls being a different color. We have been trying to come up with a way to paint the walls without these bright primary colors that would drive us crazy looking at. We were so happy! And the best part?! The rolls were only $1.00 each!
I have a bit of EWCM. But it never gets really clear. Just more of it and stretchy. I sure wish I had a fertility monitor. I talked to my mother last night. Mostly about my brother’s wedding. But I did find out that it took her 5 YEARS to conceive her first child. Yikes! I don’t know what I’ll do with myself if it takes that long for us! But she did have three healthy children, so that is good. I do know she also had 2 m/c. One before me and one after me.
I sure hope this is the cycle for us!! I SO want to announce my pregnancy in person to my Dad and brothers (it looks like Mom isn’t going to make it there) and after this wedding is my only shot for that!