A hopeful last opportunity

Not much news others than I am in the 2 week wait. I think we hit it perfectly, but I never am really sure. I did finally have CLEAR EWCM (yahoo!) but it isn’t much different from normal stuff except that it’s stretchy. The next day it looked the same, maybe more watery, except I couldn’t get it to stretch. So, I figured my fertile period was over. I guess I only have one good day per ovulating cycle, so I better pay more attention to the signs in the future!
I am very hopeful this time around. We really gave it our best shot. And I feel like something may really be happening in there. Twinges and stuff. This morning I feel twinges in my left side. Of course, that isn’t anything unusual for this time in my cycle. I am guessing that I am 4 or 5 dpo. I am on cycle day 27. I can test probably by Sunday, July 8. I am looking forward to it. I really want to know if I’ll be pregnant when I go to my Dad’s house at the end of July. This is probably my last shot before I see him. Unless this cycle ends pronto. Please stay in there!!!!!
I have been reading another woman’s journal. She calls her web page Earthmovers and Sandcastles, which is neat. It’s at www.redhairedgirl.com/main. She just had her baby a week or two ago, after struggling with infertility problems. I really enjoyed her story and hope it continues.