One giant smiley face

Due to unseen circumstances that came up in my boss’ family, I’ve had the past four days off of work. I’ve put it to good use painting though! I sure didn’t think it’d take so long! Darrell and I started painting on Sunday night. I pushed it a little (okay a lot!) so we still have a bunch of junk in the living room that needs to be organized and put away. But I was too excited to clean any more when we were so close to the fun part! So, we put down a plastic drop cloth and taped it around the edges of the room. We had a good laugh when Darrell made a little dingy in it right away. Then we opened up the paint, poured it into the plastic bin and coated a roller brush with sunshine yellow paint. As I was about to make a big swoosh of paint, Darrell calls out, “Wait! Wait! I’ve got to get this on film!” My sweetheart thought to take pictures so our future baby could see all we did for him/ her! Sometimes he is so thoughtful! :o)
Well, I made my swoosh and posed. We “rollied” up the wall to my great satisfaction. Then, I went to the other side of the room and made a giant happy face! It was so cute! Darrell really liked it too and snapped another picture. And then I made about a thousand more swooshes. And then I got out the little brush and masking tape and spent 3 DAYS painting the edges. What work! But I have to admit I enjoyed it! And BOY is it yellow!
After I finally finished up the second coat we started the border around the top of the room. That was even more difficult! But all in all, I’d have to say we did a fantastic job. And we have lots of pictures!
Today marks day one of cycle number four. Cycle three was 46 days long! That is a long wait! I still wish I could have told my parents some good news at the wedding. Darn. It looks like BD Fest will commence on the train ride home. That will be memorable!