A big swoosh of sunshine yellow

Still on cycle 3, grrrr! AF is taking her sweet time. I am on CD 43. I took another pregnancy test the day before yesterday. I’ve now wasted 2 this cycle. Come on, AF. Let’s get a move on! I am ready for a new shot at this pregnancy biz.
We bought the paint for the nursery yesterday. It was lots of fun watching the guys at Wal-Mart put the pigments in the base paint. My husband is such a techno-nerd. I love it!!! The paint is a sunshiny yellow that matches the yellow diamonds on the border Darrell picked out. The colors on the border both please me and worry me. I love how they are muted and the room won’t be deathly bright to go into. But the colors of the bedding and decos and stuff will be bright primary. I hope it looks okay. We are madly cleaning out the room. I CAN’T WAIT to put a big swoosh of yellow across the wall!! WooHoo! Hopefully it will happen tonight- even if I have to push all the junk into the living room. LOL.
We are preparing to go to my brother’s wedding in 11 days. We are SO excited. Train ride! Woo Hoo! And nothing like a big trip to get your mind off of the pregnancy bit and speed a cycle up! Today we are off to Comfort, Texas to buy reams of dried sausage for my SIL Tammy. A little adventure should be fun. I am just curious how we are going to manage to bring my brother David a cooler full of Bill Miller’s brisket. The train ride lasts 36 hours!! Yikes!