Martians & alfalfa sprouts

I am on cycle day number 24. I am still on the verge of ovulating, I think. If I am drier in the morning, I will call this O day.
My CM has been wacky the past few days. In the time span of a few hours it can go from great EWCM to none and back again. But we have BDed well in the past 5 or 6 days. We seem to do better every month. I like all this fertile CM but I am worried that if it dries up and comes back, etc. that the sperm will die during a dry patch. Hopefully in the uterus it is less patchy. I have had a bit of pain from both sides at different times, so I don’t know which side I’m ovulating from (if I really am at all).
I am really excited about all the readers I have now. My guest book has 5 real entries. I have looked at Julie’s (my diary buddy) pregnancy journal section. I can’t wait to make a special Pregnancy Diary section on my own website!
I am really hoping this cycle. The odds of getting pregnant in any one cycle are supposed to be about 25% or 1 out of 4. Better if you know how to time everything. Since this is cycle #4, perhaps this is the lucky one!
One of the girls on the Hopeful Momstalk board told me that August and September are the hardest months to conceive because of the summer heat. I think this is probably doubly true for the intense San Antonio heat. Not a pleasant thought. It seems we are all getting wacky temps or CM this month. I wrote on the board, “Have y’all noticed that practically everyone is having wacky CM/ temps right now? Are the poles about to shift? Martians landed?! Full moon?! Whassup??!!!”
I tried out alfalfa sprouts this month. They are supposed to make CM wetter and more hospitable. The morning after I ate them the first time I had great CM. Probably the best stretchiness I have ever seen. Coincidence? I don’t know. I had more today. Potato chips with ranch dip and sprouts are pretty good! I am looking forward to seeing what happens tomorrow morning.