Congratulations Melissa O

One of the girls on my Hopeful Momstalk board found out she is pregnant this morning. After 22 cycles and 21 months! She is such a great member of the board. I will miss her when she goes. We cheered her pregnancy in a BIG way! Congratulations, Melissa O!!!
I’ve had menstrual type pain for several days now and it really hurt something awful yesterday. Especially when lying down. But it mostly went away and today has been fine. The way I see it: I either tried very hard to O and just couldn’t or I O’d a very LARGE egg. LOL. I’m thinking of a chicken egg. Then, I started spotting today. I am kind of surprised. If it is AF coming, then she is WAY early. But since I’d give ovulation about a 40% chance this month, maybe this will be a short cycle and I can get on to the next one. Or it could be mid-cycle spotting that I sometimes get. Then maybe AF is still awhile in coming. Whenever she comes, I promised the board girls that I’d entertain her for awhile. Like, strap her down on my kitchen floor and gag her. LOL.
I had a very good day at work today. Sam was a lovey boy. Full of hugs and kisses. My boss, Lillian, stopped working 10 minutes early and sat down and chatted with me. It was very nice of her. She thought I might be upset over Melissa O’s pregnancy. I had told her about it this morning. I explained to her that I was very happy about it. Melissa O worked very hard to get PG and deserves every ounce of happiness she got today. But it was nice of her to care about my emotional well-being and I told her so.
I found out that Marcia, a woman who works in Lillian’s office, is having trouble TTCing too. She’s had 2 m/cs and is on Clomid. She’s thinking of getting a HSG done. Funny how lots of people you know are having problems conceiving when you get into that kind of personal conversation. The sad part is that she’s been married for 11 years. I wonder how long she has been TTCing? All I know is that her first m/c was in 1995. That was a long time ago!