“On the rag” together

Well, I am on CD#1 of C#5 now. But it didn’t hit me hard this time. Lillian is on her period too and I wonder if her hormones in the air brought mine on. LOL. That use to happen awhile back when I lived with two other women. We always got “on the rag” together. I wonder if there is any scientific evidence that this can happen.
I stopped a Schwann’s truck today to get my DH some yummy Strawberry Fruit Bars. I gave Sam one that I had chopped up and he went to town on it! LOL. His poor lips were more purple than his sippy cup!! And after he was done, he would whine and fuss until either Amanda or I would give him some of ours. He was insistant! We couldn’t eat ours fast enough! Darrell enjoyed his treat.
Someone on the boards mentioned how we were in the same boat this cycle (meaning neither of us thought we O’d). The she said, “I hate this boat!” For some reason that just set me off. I laughed so hard! I responded that I was ordering up cruise ship for next month with 5 crew members for every passenger and free massages! I offered to treat them all. :o)