It’s curtains for us

AF is slowing down. I think I’ll be down to spotting by tomorrow night or Monday. I loaded up the trial version of the Life Cycle software many people on my board use. I have been taking my temperature every morning. I am going to see if I ovulate by the time my doctor appointment on September 7 gets here. By then, I’ll be on day 24, so if I O this month it should be by then. So far my morning temps have all been 96.8 or 96.9 degrees.
I got some nursery decorating stuff accomplished today. I made curtains with M&M character heavy fabric. They came out great! We also discussed design ideas using the 5 stuffed M&M characters we won at Sea World. We are going to hang them from the ceiling in a circus type theme—from a trapeze bar, a set of rings, and on a tightrope. We went to Home Depot with our friend Dobie (a very creative type of guy). We got thin rope plus a dowel rod for the trapeze bar, but couldn’t find anything suitable for the rings. We ended up at Wal-Mart and bought a ring toss game! The rings are the right size, and for lack of anything better, I guess they’ll do okay. I am currently painting the trapeze bar red. It will be neat to see them all put up!
I briefly chatted with Darrell about possibly buying a crib early. My plan is to make the crib bedding and I would really like to set up a crib so I can make sure the sheets and stuff fit as I am sewing them. I would hate to make up a whole set and find out they don’t fit. I shudder at the thought!