Two super deals

OMG!!! I can’t believe we have a crib all done up in our nursery!!!
I guess I had better start at the beginning… Darrell and I went shopping yesterday for computer stuff, since he is in dream mode knowing he is getting one for Christmas. As we were walking out of CompUSA, I pointed out how close we were to Babies R Us we were, and he said, “let’s go!” I was so surprised! But I had mentioned before that I thought having a crib set up would be nice so I could sew some sheets and stuff in primary colors and M&M fabric and would know if the stuff I am sewing fit. So we went and looked at cribs! Boy, were they expensive! Funny thing is, with all those models set up to see, I didn’t like ANY of them! And besides, the cheapest one there was $230! I am not into these modern crib styles. They look like sleighs, for the most part. The couple I could have lived with were over $300!
So we went to look at bedding. I went down this long aisle, were they had all these matching sets displayed. None of them were primary colors. Not one! Apparently I am really going against the grain with my choice of colors! So we went on to look for a bassinet sheet. We have all the stuff for the bassinet except for the sheet for the little mattress pad and I thought I could at least buy that today. And Lo and Behold, I turn the corner and there was a brand of bedding called “Koala Care” that sold bedding in primary blue, red, and yellow! And actually at prices I liked! WooHoo! We ended up purchasing a red bumper set, a yellow sheet (even though I plan on making a M&M one) and blue dust ruffles. And a white bassinet sheet!
Now I am very excited! I don’t have to sweat over dust ruffles and crib bumpers. I can just sew the M&M sheet and have a great coordinating set at a fabulous price. Bedding sets run from $169 to over $200 for a comforter (which I don’t need b/c I am making the quilt), a sheet, dust ruffles, bumper pads, and a diaper stacker (which I hate using). So I got only what I needed for $45 + $30 for quilt materials. Half the cost!
Needless to say, I left the store quite excited but I still wanted a crib! So I conned DH with a promise of a footlong from Subway and a REAL movie (read “expensive”) tomorrow if we could stop in at Sears and look at their cribs. I right away found a crib I loved in the Jenny Lind style. It was old-fashioned, nice wood design and sturdy. And it looked nothing like a sleigh! But the best part was that it cost $95! I couldn’t believe it. It was on sale for $25 off the normal price. We stood back and discussed it for a while as two women came by to inspect it. I clearly heard one remark to the other, “This is the same crib we just bought. Look at the price here! We paid one hundred dollars more!”
That cinched it. I knew I wouldn’t find a better deal for such a great, new crib. As I was browsing the matching changing table, I came across one of Sear’s registry catalogs. It must have been my lucky day, because inside was a coupon for $5 off any furniture purchase in the kids department.
A very PG woman and her mother came by and wanted the same crib. They had looked elsewhere and thought this was a great bargain too. So they went and found a salesperson and both of us got down to the business of buying cribs and such. In the end, we actually came home with a new crib, a mattress, and a changing table, all being on sale with an extra $5 off for a total of $207 plus tax. Less than just a crib at Babies R Us!
Of course, we spent the rest of the night setting them up! We had lots of laughs doing it too. Darrell kept climbing into it and “waahing” like a baby. And then once the mattress was in place, he just HAD to get underneath it and swat at me like a cat! And let me say they both look wonderful! We are very happy with our purchases. I can’t go by the room now and not peek into it! :o)
On that note, my new TCOYF software says I am in the fertile phase now at day 13. My CM has started to change to this crumbly white stuff (after the moisture dissipates) and my book says this is a version of “sticky” CM. Maybe this will be the lucky cycle and we’ll get to put our furniture to use! If not, I am looking forward to my dr. visit on September 7 to see what she thinks.