Ebay gadgets & an appointment that fizzled

On the TTC front, NOTHING is happening. No spike in temperature. I have had EWCM 10 out of the last 11 days. Yikes! I am just waiting for this cycle to end so I can get on with cycle #6. I hope I at least occasionally ovulate! I know I had the prolonged EW last cycle too.
Here is my first Temp Chart so far:

I had a dr. appointment scheduled for today but she called in sick. I was really hoping she would prescribe Clomid for next cycle. Unfortunately, by the time I see her again, two weeks from now, I will have already started my next cycle. So if I get the Clomid then, I’ll have to wait until the beginning of the following cycle (#7) to take it. Seems so far away, when it could have been just a couple of days from now. I wonder if she prescribes it for days 3-7 or 5-9. Seems to be by doctor’s preference. Considering my long cycles, I am guessing 5-9 is best for me. Hmm… unless it shortens cycles! That would be great!
This is my obsessive Notes Page I had planned on bringing with me:
Previous cycles:
39, 35, 34, 40, 30, 36, 49, 24 days.
Started checking CM thoroughly last cycle. Both last cycle and this cycle I have had prolonged phases (8 days off and on last cycle, 10+ this cycle) of eggwhite CM. I made note of a couple of instances where this is mentioned in TCOYF:
1. Excessive production of estrogen (seems reasonable because it can be caused by being overweight)- also delayed ovulation and irregular cycles; pg. 154.
2. Hypothyroidism (seems reasonable since 2 doctors have suggested this to me. Is there a better test?) – also low waking temperatures, unusually long cycles, anovulatory cycles (with no thermal shift), heavy menses (used to have, not so much anymore- what would cause this to change?) and unexplained infertility; pg. 269. Not listed in the book but is also supposed to be a symptom- fatigue.
1. Excessive days of EWCM.
2. My periods are 7 to 10 days when you include spotting.
3. Probably 50% of the time I have bothersome pain during O time. Seems to be worse in the summer.
4. Maybe 2 out of 5 cycles I have mid-cycle spotting.
5. My flow has changed from being heavy to medium/light. I haven’t had a heavy period in at least 8 months.
6. History of low body temperatures and being cool to other people.
7. I still get acne on and off.
8. Overweight since childhood.
9. Cycles vary wildly in number of days from about 29 to 49 days with the occasional super oddball.
10. When I took the BCP for 2 years (5 or 6 years ago) it caused me severe jaw pain (TMJ) that went 95% away after I stopped taking them. I still get a bit of pain or popping once in awhile. My last several cycles would not be brought on by the ending of that month’s pills. Ortho-Cyclen.
11. Thyroid levels checked twice in the last 2 ½ years. Normal both times.
12. Last year I was checked for an ovarian cyst- also normal.
13. I began taking my basal body temperature this cycle (see copy). No thermal shift so far by day 24 (or it just doesn’t remain high).
1. How normal were my thyroid results last year? Borderline, good?
2. On my U/S, I know a cyst wasn’t found, but did everything else look normal?
3. How large of a part does excessive weight play in not getting PG?
4. Do you think I ovulate at all?
5. Do you think Clomid would help me?
I bought a Clear Plan Fertility Monitor off of Ebay the other day. $165 total- comes with test sticks too. To buy it new it would have cost $179.99 plus S &H. I congratulated the seller on her new PG and she responded by shipping the monitor UPS 2 day air for free. How is that for nice?! :o) It should get here today!!!
I also got a BeBe Sounds monitor for only $15 total. That saved me at least $10. I’ve thought these were SO cool the first time I saw one in a catalog! I told one of the girls on my boards that I couldn’t wait to hear Darrell digest something. :o)
Darrell told me yesterday that his new coworker, Sean’s wife is pregnant. They just found out. Apparently they have been trying for some time and she was on Clomid. She is my age too. Would have been nice to be PG together.