Attack on America

I’m on cycle #6 now and day #3. The fertility monitor doesn’t do much. For as much as I spent for it, I wish it would say something. Or at least have a few more buttons to push.
I am bidding on a Medela Pump in Style on Ebay right now, along with some cute maternity clothes—including denim shortalls. I figure I am going to be too embarrassed to nurse in public too much, so I should get the best pump I can find, but gently used to save on cost. I shudder when I think that one day I will have to put both my breasts into this electronic sucking monster.
Tomorrow we leave for Louisiana. It will be fun to get away. Life has taken too serious of a tone since yesterday, when the Pentagon and the World Trade Center were crashed into by hijacked airplanes full of our own people. The worst acts of terrorism the world has ever seen… that’s what they are calling it. “Attack on America.” It sure puts my TTC worries into perspective.
I cannot wait for this cycle to be over so I can get Clomid. I truly believe that that is what it is going to take. Sad that I am not giving this cycle the hope and expectancy that I gave the others. Part of me says that my body is telling me that I am just too overweight. The other half says that I can take good care of myself and pregnancy and my baby will be just fine.
I am in a somber mood. I yearn for a LB so badly… it has taken SO long.