A very memorable Baby Expo

I have the funniest story to share about the Baby Expo we went to yesterday. It was a lot of fun but I felt like such a FAKE just being there next to all those big bellies! Well, after visiting all the booths and getting free stuff like cans of formula and pacifiers, DH and I sat down to watch the pickles and ice cream contest. My favorite radio station sent one of their DJs up to work the contest and the first thing she says is that they need 6 MOMS up there for the contest and she points right to me and says loudly into her microphone for me to come up. I was embarrassed, but went anyway. So I was in the contest! Boy my DH wished he had a camera!
So they give each of us a FROZEN SOLID 1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream and a whole jar of baby dills. She says to put 5 pickles in with our ice cream and the only rule is that we have to eat some of both. She starts us off on our two minutes and off we go! Well, I am no dummy. The ice cream was too hard and too cold to eat quickly, so I take a few required bites and move to the pickles within 15 seconds. I then proceed to eat the ENTIRE jar of pickles! I had one baby pickle left over that I couldn’t manage to fish out in time. And when they judged the winner… I HAD WON!!! A year’s supply of the very best ice cream in San Antonio- Creamy Creations from HEB. WOW! But I SO felt like a fake, not being PG and all… not that they knew or anything… and burped pickle for the rest of the day! Yuck! The scariest thing about it all? Pickles and ice cream aren’t so bad together!! :o)
I was kind of weepy today. I had to deal with some hard criticism at work today that didn’t mix well with my doctor’s appointment news from Friday. But I got over it by the afternoon, probably because the weather was GORGEOUS and Sam and I played at the park.
I had a temp spike two days ago and a high temp yesterday too. I wonder what was up?! I know I did not O because I haven’t had any EWCM yet and my Fertility Monitor still says low, low, low. I am glad I look at others indicators (CM, FM) because my temp was back to normal this morning and I would have been REALLY upset if I had lost what I thought was an O. But since I now know my chances are about nil that I will O in any given month on my own, it didn’t bother me at all. I am just playing it cool and biding my time until next month when I can try out Clomid. About the Clomid- I have read that it makes 80% of those who don’t O ovulate, but only 40% will get PG. I wonder why such a big difference?