Positively Clumpy Ovaries Syndrome

Today was a difficult day. I found out I have PCOS- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Basically, my ovaries make lots and lots of follicles, but no one or two grow big enough to be ovulated. And then they hang around for awhile and later just fizzle out. So my ovaries look clumpy instead of smooth. It is caused by hormonal imbalances and too much of the male hormones. I was prescribed 50 mg Clomid for next cycle on days 5 through 9. I hope the days pass quickly. Then I need to return and see her for progesterone testing between days 22 and 24. All my efforts in the last six months (yes, it has been 6 months) have been for nothing. You can’t have a baby if you don’t ovulate.
Dr. Gallagher was pretty optimistic, though. She seems to think the Clomid will do the trick and I will be PG in the next cycle or two. But apparently PCOS goes beyond TTCing. I will have to take birth control pills or other medications to control it for the rest of my life. Some research I read says PCOS causes a person to become overweight too. Looking back, the only time I was successful in losing a significant amount of weight was when I was on BCP.
Oh yeah, if I don’t get PG in the next 3 cycles, she wants DH to get a semen analysis. He will just love that! :o)
I feel like I basically have no shot at getting PG this cycle. But I feel really good about my chances in the next several months. I felt really bummed when I first heard the diagnosis, but I feel pretty good now because now I know what the holdup was and I can treat it.
Perhaps a PG announcement would make a good Christmas present!