Surprise, surprise! A whopper of a temp jump

I “nannied” this entire past weekend and since nothing was happening- I left my thermometer at home. A mistake. Of course I had to get really bad cramps (that I was hoping was AF) and then yesterday I got obvious EWCM. I wouldn’t have even checked but it was obvious that something as going on. Last night it was still there but starting to turn gummy. We BDed anyway. Then the big surprise! This am my temp was 97.8!! Nine notches above my last temp 3 days ago and an increase of 9/10ths of a degree. I did sleep about 1 1/2 hours past my usual time (I have the day off- Yippee!). So I know it is probably high. But even if I knock it down 5 WHOLE NOTCHES, I am still ABOVE coverline. I don’t know what to think.
This is what I wrote on the boards: 1/2 of me says to myself “You don’t ovulate on your own and if you did, it wouldn’t happen this late in the cycle. My temp will be back down tomorrow- it was a fluke!!!” The other half argues with, “But I just got EW, I had bad O like pains, and how else would you explain a temp that high?!” LOL. I love to argue with myself.
If I DID O, then it could have been anytime in the last several days. But since I got the EW yesterday, I am guessing it occurred last night or early this morning. If at all.
I have trying to guess how my FM works. And since I couldn’t MAKE IT take a stick last night…hee hee… I decided to pee on one anyway and try to decipher it myself. Every time I have peed on one of those sticks, I get either 1 blue line (control, I assume) or 1 blue line and 1 faint blue line. The faint line could either be estrogen or LH, since the FM monitors both. I am guessing it is estrogen, b/c I get a faint line sometimes and we always have SOME estrogen floating around in us. I am guessing the LH line is something I haven’t seen yet or invisible to my eye (the FM uses infrared light to read the sticks). Anyway to make this short, I didn’t get anything unusual last night. So based on the test alone (which I could be misreading) nothing is happening. But it was fun anyway. I took the stick apart and everything. You wouldn’t believe how neatly all those little parts are put together. LOL.
I am curiously calm about all this mess. I guess I still feel that I can’t conceive on my own. I am just waiting until my cycle stops playing around and sends Aunt Flo to visit. I am SO ready to start the Clomid!! If my temp goes back down tomorrow, I am going to get my prescription filled. But it is the first sign that my insurance will see that I am having fertility issues. That makes me nervous.