Aches & O pains

I am on CD#32 of C#6. Boy, do I hurt today! My ovaries hurt, my BBs are sore… and I have LOTS AND LOTS of EWCM! What’s this?! Yes, my silly body is still trying to O!! My temps shot up real high one day, went back down to just above my CL, went WAY down the next day, and then went back to just about CL today! What a ride! This is what it looks like:

But if I had O’d with this temp ride, I’d be drying up! Certainly not making more EW. So apparently, the O isn’t happening. But an A for effort to my body. It has a glimmer of a shot still, I guess.
I am dying to try out this Clomid cycle. But I am playing the patience game for now. I have my alfalfa and Robi all ready to go! My guess is it will be at least another week.
One of the members of my TTC board just announced her PG. She was on her 16th cycle!! I am so happy for her! Good for you, Melissa P! I am so happy for you! It took Clomid + IUI to do the trick for her. She was on the verge of starting injectibles! Yikes!