An actual eggie

TCOYFS gave me an eggie! An actual eggie! Here the post I wrote 2 days ago that started it all:
I saw two lines for the first time ever!!! Of course, it was an OPK, not an hpt, but still!
I know this means that I am having an LH surge. It means that I am in REAL PAIN right now!!! I am practically gushing EWCM. It means an ordinary person would be ovulating. But what does it mean for someone with PCOS? Everyone please send my battered body some cheers! O! O! O! Here we go! O! O! πŸ™‚
Why did I take an OPK? Well I have been in pretty bad pain all afternoon- it has make me gasp a time or two! And I happened to run across an old box of OPKs stashed in my closet. My FM isn’t taking any callers right now πŸ™‚ so I decided to use one. And I got two solid lines!! And funny enough…
It was just last night that I told DH that if I shoved a stick looking thing under his nose that all he needed to know was whether it has 2 lines- meaning I was PG. And so, heehee, I just had to…
try him out. I went into the living room just as he was getting off the phone and shoved it under his nose. I gave him the appropriate few seconds it took to get a good look and a perfectly horrified look on his face (heehee) and then let him know what it really was. Sure was fun!! πŸ™‚
One question- for how many days will OPKs turn after you had a LH surge? 2 days? A week? Maybe, this is from several days ago and that temp spike I had. Doesn’t really matter, because we are doing IT tonight!! πŸ™‚ And we covered the other day too!
Maybe I won’t need Clomid after all! Now I got something to think about besides AF!!!!!
Yesterday, I took my last OPK and got a dark line, but it was still lighter than the control line, so my LH surge had ended. My temp this morning was high so I think I might have really Oed this cycle and I can’t believe it would happen on CD#33! That is so late! I am fearful that my temps will not stay high the next few days and beyond. Boy do my BBs hurt today!! Wowsers!
Here is my beautiful egg:

My aunt Cathy told me today that one of my cousins has PCOS also and her cycles fixed themselves with Metformin alone. Makes me believe that it will help me too. If I am not PG this cycle, I will ask my dr. about it.