It’s been a long road, but I’ve got faith of the heart

“It’s been a long road,
getting from there to here.
It’s been a long time,
but my time is finally near.
And I will see my dream come alive at last,
I will touch the sky…”
That is how I feel today (it happens to be the theme to the new Star Trek, Enterprise). It has been a LONG time since I began TTCing. Too long. It is time to get pregnant!
I am currently at 6 dpo and very, very hopeful. My temps have been 97.7, 97.7, 98.0, 97.7, 97.7, 97.9. Today’s temp went up 2 notches and I hope they continue to rise. Sometime during 6 to 10 dpo is when the egg attaches to the uterine wall and you see the “triphasic” temperatures on the chart. I have had sore BBs and the continual need to pee the past four days. Today I was extremely tired, despite a good night’s sleep. I have also had some minor little crampies (mainly in the right ovary area) which worry me, though I am told they are normal in early PG. Darrell asks what my temp was every day now, which is VERY nice. We’ve come a long way. He even admitted some excitement as we get closer and closer to a time when we can test. I feel very different this cycle from all the others. I really think this is the one. If it isn’t, I am going to need some serious time to recoup.
“And they’re not gonna hold me down no more.
No they’re not gonna change my mind.
Cuz I’ve got faith of the heart.
Going where my heart will take me.
I’ve got faith to believe-
I can do anything!
I’ve got strength of the soul.
No one’s gonna bend or break me.
I can reach any star.
I’ve got faith.
I’ve got faith-
Faith of the heart…”