Birthday cheer & a PG possibility

Happy Birthday to me… I have had a wonderful birthday. I was taken to Biccone’s Italian restaurant for lunch by Lillian and the family. I got sung to in Italian!! Then Darrell brought me to Benihana’s Japanese Steakhouse and I got sung to in Japanese! They also served me some very weird green tea flavored ice cream! My MIL sent me a wonderful cookie bouquet! And probably best of all, my online friend Kim B sent me an e-greeting that was hilarious and perfectly ME. Everyone on the boards has served me up a huge portion of birthday cheer. Thanks guys! You are all very special to me! :o)
Unfortunately, AF found me 2 days ago, so I am on cycle #7 now and CD #3. I was upset for a day, cried a few tears. Okay, cried a lot of tears. Got some extra TLC. I had it in my head that I was PG this time. Might have been the seriously sore BBs. I rarely have soreness there. Now I am ready to see what Clomid does for me. I start it this Saturday. I am glad I will be home to see how it affects me. I am prepared to take it all, though. I so hope this works. I’ve been TTCing for almost 7 months now.
Poor Sammy got viral croup today. Yikes! Hope he gets better soon, poor little guy! Word is that my boss may be pregnant… wouldn’t it be nice if I got pg right after her? I’d have no problems getting a good maternity leave!!
Roughly 2 weeks until Clomid-induced O… please let this work!!!