We have a winner! Congrats Ginger

Yes!!!! We have a winner! A BIG, HUGE congratulations to my first official PG graduate, Ginger!! WooHoo!!! I feel like a proud auntie! Sniff, sniff!
I am on C#8, CD#8. Today is dose #4 of the Clomid 100mg. The Metformin made me NASTY sick this past weekend, but so far today has been great. I am wondering if my sickness was all the new drug though, because when I got to work today, both Amanda and Sam were sick. Well, hopefully the nasty tummy upsets are gone. I thought I was gonna have to give this drug up!! And do I detect a bit more energy?! I am usually very tired on Mondays, because of my early schedule– but not today!
I am starting to get CM already, so the Clomid must be working early—oh, I hope so!! I plugged my “findings” into TCOYFS and it gave me this weird message (like I couldn’t ovulate normally!):