A dud ultrasound & a chance for a great Christmas

I had an ultrasound on CD#15, which was December 10th. I called in for my results 2 days later and the nurse told me I had already ovulated! I was dumbfounded! She says there was a cyst (leftovers from O) on my left ovary. That would mean an O around CD#14. I immediately didn’t believe her—I hadn’t gotten a peak on my fertility monitor or a high temp. If I had one of those, I might have believed her, but ovulations have been pretty clear on my charts and I knew it just hadn’t happened yet. I am glad we didn’t stop the BDing! Because…
This morning I got a second high temp in a row, so I plugged in a high temp for tomorrow to see where TCOYFS would put an egg and it gave me ovulation on Friday, December 14 at CD#19. When I deleted that fake last temp, the egg stayed! LOL! I guess the software new that I really needed it to stay! So if I get a high temp tomorrow, I will have officially ovulated! WooHoo! My fertility monitor wasn’t any help- it stayed high. The day TCOYFS gave me the egg was the last stick I used—I had run out. No peak ever detected. But the last three sticks were very faint. We had some flooding this week and I think they were messed up, even though they were sealed and not damp.
Last cycle, on Clomid 50 mg, I ovulated on CD#23. This time, the extra 50mg of Clomid speeded up things a bit and made me O four days earlier! But I have a feeling that this won’t be early enough for my doctor and I will get Clomid 150 mg next cycle. Looks like I may be calling her during my Christmas break from Darrell’s parents’ house. It would be very difficult to get AF there so I sure hope she decides not to show!
I will be 11 dpo on Christmas morning, so I am sure I will test then. And then probably on CD#14 which is on the 28th. If I make it that far, then I should be pregnant, because my luteal phase is usually only 10 or 11 days. And I will still be away for the holidays, so if there is any news (puh-lease?!) I will be able to share it in person! And maybe on Christmas morning!! We bought a “Congratulations on your new grandchild” card and are all ready! I almost can’t bear the waiting and it just began!
We have two new winners on my message board! Congratulations to Misty and JennJacobs! May the next 9 months be the best ever!
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