The squishies

I am 10 dpo today. My temps show a very slight trend up, but that could be dashed with one low temp tomorrow. The weirdest symptom of this cycle is that my boobs are not only full and heavy (sometimes happens in a cycle) but SQUISHY too. Like they got pumped up with gel or something. It is very strange. My nips still hurt a bit too. I can’t remember other than 1 time where they hurt this late before. I also am grouchy about being touchy in any kind of tickly or soft way. That is strange too. I am very hesitant to be excited about any of this, but I can’t help it. I am nervously waiting for the next few days to pass by—hopefully uneventfully.
My greatest buy on Ebay to date?? I bought ANOTHER batch of Fuzzi Bunz! The first set was 9 medium (4 to 10+ months) of the new style. This second buy was for 12 small (NB to 4 months) of the “original” Fuzzi Bunz—the kind where they have the fleece on the outside too. Looks like most of my diaper purchases are over for the first year! I’ll need a few more, of course, but shouldn’t be too many. The website suggests 12 of a size for full time use. I just hope I like them or this will be a big waste of money. Oh well, I guess I can sell them back! :o)
We went to a place called Dave & Buster’s today. Basically, a Chuck E. Cheese’s for adults. In it was a nice restaurant where we shared an excellent Philly steak sandwich and a large gameroom with all sorts of games. We had loads of fun and while there we had our portrait drawn in pencil in one of those little booths. Best of all, the games and the portrait were free because Darrell had won the game cards off of a radio station a couple of weeks ago!