Bib gifts and the Tripregathon

Started the day with homemade Belgian waffles—yummy!
I am on CD#24, 2 dpo. I am not very enthusiastic this cycle. The benefit: the days are passing pretty quickly. If I have a triphasic temp chart, then I may test at 11 or 12 dpo, but other than that I will try to save some money and wait until 14 dpo. I do know that we BDed the 2 days before O. That is good.
My O this time was several days later than last cycle. Seems my body is getting used to the Clomid. I hope I get 150 mg next time. I want to speed things up! It is torture to wait 20+ days until ovulation.
Darrell and I found the bibs we want to give as presents to his mother and father. We got a green one that says “I love grandpa!” and a yellow one that says “Grandma’s little honey!” They are very cute. I just hope they don’t gather too much dust.
I decided to put all the formula checks that the Similac people keep sending me and the 2 cans of Isomil they sent me too on Ebay to see what I could get for them. I got $10 for the formula and so far I am up to $32.55 for the checks ($53 worth)! So, I turned right around and bought $105 (gasp!) worth of Fuzzi Bunz. I hope I like them! It makes me feel good that the Similc people bought almost half of my diapers! I have many cans of Similac in the nursery. I keep getting them in the mail or finding free coupons for them. Might as well buy them and stock up, right?
On my website, we are about 37% pregnant now with 27 ladies total. This makes me very happy. Fuuny thing is, when I find out someone is pregnant (like Darrell’s coworker’s wife) I am usually sad, but not when one of my girls announces it! I have always been happy for them. On my site, we tend to become PG in threes. I hope I am in the next set! We all hope that- to be in the “tripregathon”. My bigger wish is that the last person left TTC gets PG within just a few days from the others. I want NOBODY left out like that. I kind of think it will be me. Kind of appropriate, though. Similar to a captain who goes down with his ship.