Will this be my lucky year?

I have been very sick the since last Sunday night. It may be strep throat or may just be that mountain cedar is through the roof right now. I took Monday off of work, but I can’t afford to do that too much. I alternate between feeling really bad and feeling okay. I have been taking Claritin-D and Advil, which I feel really guilty about, since I should be approaching O. I am on CD#15.
My fertility monitor isn’t revealing anything. Low, low, low is all I get. I am kinda glad, because of the medicines, but I don’t want this cycle to go on forever, either!! I think my body knows I am sick and is delaying O. Smart body. Boy, I am glad I am not this sick while PG! I’d be demanding an U/S every day, LOL.
A big, wonderful congratulations to LauraL on her pregnancy. I wish you the best and can’t wait to see your baby in 8 or so months!!!! I am going to have to start a “babyface” photo album on my website!
Darian—I am not going to jinx you or anything, but your charts have me really excited for you! Fingers crossed!!!!
For some reason, I have little hope for this cycle. Clomid has totally lost its thrill. Maybe this feeling is just because I have been sick since before Christmas. I hope so. This TTC journey is much more pleasant when I am hopeful. Darrell should be going in for a SA pretty soon. We talk about it but no appointment has been made yet. Yes, we are procrastinating. Who wouldn’t?!