Charms of Hope

Darrell and I went to Dave & Buster’s again last week. We saw this cool photo booth that would morph you and your husband’s pictures into your “future” child. What the heck? So we did it. We got this girl as a result:

She looks like a combination of our two moms! We were a little perturbed that she came out looking so old. So we had to do it again! We got this darling boy this time—who happens to look just like Darrell as a child:

We had a lot of fun with these! The funniest part of the whole thing was while you were waiting for the pics to print, the computer screen showed your face and made frowns, smiles, winks, etc. We rolled on the floor laughing at some of them! :o) From all this, what did we surmise about our future? Since the girl is *obviously* way older than the boy, we are going to have a girl first followed many years later by a boy. Yeah! :o)
We also went to the Scarborough Faire with Darrell’s Mom. While there, we passed a booth that was hand stamping good luck charms. It was very cool to see them raise this big old thing and then slam it down over the mold and metal to imprint the metal with the charms you wanted. You got to pick two, one for each side. Of course, I had to make me a fertility charm! I chose the “Tree of Life” and “Mother Earth”. Here is the Mother Earth side (no, I did not realize how prominent her breasts were going to be…LOL):

I also received a “hope” necklace in the mail from a very dear friend who knows of my upcoming RE appointment. Thank you very much, friend! I will wear it every visit! Here is what it looks like: