Welcome Jillian Grace

Yearning is not a strong enough word.
I am very ready for my RE appt on May 7! It cannot come too soon. Only have DH’s section left to complete in the novel they sent us to fill out. I am on C #12, CD #18 (the day I Oed last month, but it doesn’t look like it this time). I had some EWCM and a little O pain about 4 or 5 days ago, but I don’t think it really has happened yet. Doesn’t really matter.
I had some happy but sad news today. Awhile back, I wrote about a girl named Julie who started her online preconception diary just days away from mine. Well, I found out today that she had a baby girl yesterday. They named her Jillian Grace. Congratulations, Julie and Kevin!!! The sad part is that I really compared my progress with hers and I feel I should at least be pregnant by now. Sigh. I just have to keep saying to myself that my day will come.
My boss and her family are taking off today for a wedding in Florida. Darrell and I are going to visit his parents and maybe go to Scarborough Fair. I sure need a break! :o)
A big congratulations to BJ and her IVF babies!
Darrell came across this hilarious cartoon. I just HAD to share!