The great flood of 2002

Cycle #14, 13 dpo.
San Antonio is in the middle of another great flood. We had a huge one in 1998 and now again. They say we have had as much rain in 3 days as we usually get from July until September! I just hope it stops soon. We certainly don’t need any more and it looks like our Big Fireworks show at Randolph AFB tomorrow may be cancelled.
We plan on going to see Darrell’s parents Friday through Sunday. Seems like quite a drive for such a short visit but we have no idea when we’ll get the chance to go up again. They have been so excited over our DI stuff and especially with me ovulating 2 eggs. They have been asking about it every few days since the IUI. I finally told my FIL that I didn’t think it worked this month- I have tested negative at 10 dpo and 12 dpo. I could feel his disappointment over the phone even though he didn’t say much about it. I am a bit bummed that this seems to not be the magic month, but distracted from feeling too bad by the flooding and the 4th of July weekend events.