Neutral news & a reason to hurry

I am 2 dpo on cycle #11. My BBs sure do hurt- my body must be chugging along on the progesterone production!
We went to see our insurance benefits lady yesterday at Darrell’s work. The news is neutral. She said that as long as the doctor’s write a specific condition down instead of “infertility,” we’ll be covered. When we are diagnosed as infertile (with no sperm, that may be quite soon), then we are covered 50%. That sounds good, but then there is the darned “exclusions section.” The book says the following are exclusions, “… charges RELATED TO or IN CONNECTION WITH surrogation, embryo implantation, artificial insemination or in-vitro fertilization.” Well, that just about sums up EVERYTHING if we have no sperm and can’t get it into normal quantities. If we can manage to get Darrell to produce 5 million at a time, we can at least do IUI, but that isn’t covered at all. I am determined to be happy though, because if he is fixable to this extent, it will mean a genetically-related child and IUI is only about $300. If we have to use donor sperm, that will mean IUI too. The bad part is if Darrell is only fixable enough to do IVF. Then the major bills will roll in. But I will still be happy if we can afford it and it works right away. One sort of bright spot is that medicines are covered 100%- even injectibles. But we were warned that this may change in October when the plan is reviewed. Let me tell you, that gave me a sense of urgency! If IVF is what we need, then the meds for that are $1,500 to $3,000 per cycle. That is half the cost! I hope this RE is fast in his diagnosis and we soon learn just what we need to do to get pg. If we have to use the latest technologies, then I want my meds free!!
Congratulation to BJ on her IVF pregnancy! I am so happy for you and Kamila! Congratulations to all the other newly pg ladies on our board, too! We are mostly pg now!