A new doctor & an early O, au natural

A couple of weeks ago my message board company died and I lost my precious link to my good friends. But Elissa came to the rescue! She gathered us up and brought us to her site and we regrouped (Big thanks!). We ended up on Meese’s site, since she has a MB that works like mine did (thank you too!). I was initially a bit sad at the loss of my “web-mommyhood” but don’t think about it too much anymore. I try not to spend all my time thinking about TTCing like I have been doing in this past year. I can hardly believe that in a few short weeks, I’ll have been officially TTCing for a whole year! An anniversary I surely have never wanted. I have been battling a pretty serious depression these past several weeks. I think it is finally starting to lift now. I was starting to think I needed counseling and mood-altering drugs!
I finally got a referral for an RE from my OB/Gyn that is covered by my insurance. I have an appointment with Dr. Witz on May 7. We need to figure out what exactly is covered, so we do get blasted with “sticker shock.” LOL. It’ll happen anyway! You can be sure I won’t be so positive about this in future entries! I am excited to be on the road to mommyhood once more! Whatever it takes!
You’d never guess, but it looks like I am having my earliest ovulation ever this cycle- WITHOUT the Clomid! I got a positive OPK today and I am on (C #11) CD #17!!! My earliest O previously was day 19 on 100mg Clomid. Boy have I been in pain tonight! We are DTD tonight, even though the odds of that SA being wrong are about nil.