AF plays a trick

I ovulated on CD #21, so I was only one day off on my guessing. Today is cycle #11, CD #1.
It took me about 5 days to accept and halfway get over my husband’s test results. I am still sad though. I haven’t done a single thing about finding a new RE. I am planning on faxing my OB/Gyn the list of REs in my insurance book to see if she knows of one of them. Otherwise it’ll be eeny-meeny-miney-mo. Not a good thing when it comes to doctors who mess around down under. You kind of have to like a person a bit before you let them get so personal! LOL.
One odd thing about this cycle is that I didn’t get AF until 14 dpo. On Clomid, I have always gotten her visit on 12 dpo, so I was getting pretty excited. I thought the extra 50mg this time might extend it to 13 dpo, but I never imagined I’d go all the way to 14 dpo. Of course, she waited until immediately after I wasted a HPT this morning to make herself known. Grrr. But I am not upset, because I know my chances of getting pg are close to nil right now. Medically, this change is probably good news, since the longer the luteal phase, the longer an eggie has to implant. But to me, it means 2 more days I will have to deal with in the 2ww. I guess it really will be a 2 week wait for me now.
A friend of mine donated a box of FM sticks to me! Yeah! So I’ll probably use them to determine whether I O on my own next cycle. But I imagine I’ll start off late, so I don’t waste too many. I have heard many people say they Oed the cycle after stopping Clomid, so this will be interesting to see. The only non-Clomid cycle that I have recorded an O for was on day 33. Yikes! Hopefully the new RE won’t make me wait too long for my first appointment. I’ve heard several people complain of having to wait several months. I had to wait 2 months just to see my OB/Gyn!!