Almost 1, on “repeat mode”, almost walking

Well, here we are just 5 days shy of Brendan’s first birthday. My baby is going to be an official toddler. I am so proud of him and sad at the same time. He is such a ball of energy these days!! He loves getting into everything! He gets around very well and stands without holding onto furniture for a bit before holding on again. Now it is just a matter of a little courage and practice before he’s walking!!
Brendan is back to loving just about every food we give him. Being sick had really messed with his choice of foods. He loves Nutra-Grain Muffin Bars and Gerber Gummy fruit snacks and anything with refried beans in it!! In fact, he loves refried beans so much that I wonder if it wasn’t really him ordering up all those bean & cheese tacos I ate while I was battling that horrible morning sickness when first pregnant!! Just a quick tug on the ole umbilical cord… :o)
Brendan has mastered a lot of his toys now- he loves his toy piano and knows how to operate his Ball Blast too. He loves to push down the rim of his little basketball toy and make the goofy face spin but doesn’t get the concept of making baskets yet. He knows how to manipulate the little toys on his fish aquarium and can turn on and off his crib light as well. He points to things he wants and loves to cuddle and watch tv when he is tired. When he’s wide awake, he prefers to stand in front of the tv and bang on it, giggling madly when Dad tells him to sit down.
We took Brendan to get 1 year portraits done, birthday style. We ended the session with giving him his own cake and letting him plow in while on camera. It was a lot of fun and he loved it!! He also got his first haircut last weekend. He was so good about it too! He got a certificate with some hair clippings taped to it! We are traveling up to see Waynell and Gene in a few days and bringing Nico and her kids with us. That should be fun!
Here are two board updates that are good examples of how amazing Brendan is right now:
Mar 1
We are doing great! Brendan is very happy and playful right now. I absolutely adore our singing game where I’ll hum some nonsense tune and when I stop he’ll sing it! 😎 It is SO PRECIOUS! 😀 If I sing a regular song, he claps at the end. Another favorite game is the Balance Game. If I am sitting on the floor with him, I’ll stand him up and let go real fast. I try to get him to stand on his own. He always laughs hysterically and falls though. LOL.
Mar 11
Brendan’s on repeat mode these days… hehehe.
Last week we were at a restaurant for dinner and I gave Bren a piece of bread and told him “bread”. He said BREAD right back. Both DH and I stopped, stunned and I said “bread” once more and he repeated it again!! The exact same thing happened with “cracker” last night- he said CRACKA twice- but no more.
But this morning he really amazed me! I asked, “Brendan, do you want breakfast?” And he looked at me like I had just said the best thing in the world and repeated back, BREAKFAST? It was sooo clear!!! But he just laughed hysterically every time I tried to get him to say it again. I called Darrell and told him, “Do you know what the baby just said?!” And in the background Brendan starts gibbering BABY, BABY, BABEEEEE. WOW! He’s just amazing!
Happy Birthday Mia! Happy Birthday Brendan!