Happy Birthday Brendan!

50 things about Brendan as he turns a year old:
1. He’s cheerful
2. He adores going outdoors
3. He’s a great eater
4. He’s a poor milk drinker most days
5. He’s crabby when he’s sick
6. He bangs his head on things
7. He’s shy
8. He loves baths
9. He loves computers
10. He loves to climb on the couch
11. He loves going shopping
12. He hates getting his diaper changed
13. He loves juice
14. He really likes Baby Einstein videos
15. He plays peek-a-boo with a blanket
16. He loves to be sung to
17. He loves to sing
18. He adores books
19. He doesn’t care for stuffed animal toys
20. He cruises around all the furniture
21. He says Uh-Oh! When he drops something
22. He loves cats
23. His favorite food is noodles
24. He loves to pull papers out of the printer
25. He is very attached to his pacifier
26. He goes to sleep by himself
27. He is very attached to his nite-nite bear
28. He loves to turn things on and off
29. He loves doors
30. He hates hats
31. He is prone to ear infections
32. He adores his friends Mia and Travis
33. He likes to ride his toy motorcycle
34. He loves to bounce balls
35. He loves telephones
36. He likes soda
37. He loves to throw his arms into the air
38. He loves being tickled
39. He loves waving bye-bye
40. He loves opening and closing things
41. He loves bubbles
42. He has 7 teeth
43. He drinks from a straw well
44. He loves to make noise
45. He’s full of joy in the simple things
46. He loves watching tv with us
47. He loves Indian food
48. He loves his toy piano
49. He looks just like his daddy
50. He is very much adored by his parents
Happy Birthday Little Love!