Little ducks all in a row

Brendan has hit a new developmental stage in the last week or so. I am sure there is some medical jargon for this latest skill of his, but I haven’t a clue as to what. All I know is that he puts things in a line now.
It all started during our country grandparental retreat where Bren hit upon Gene’s antique bottle collection… and proceeded to place them in a long line like this:

I thought that was pretty nifty. Today when he was coloring with bingo dauber-type markers I noticed that he didn’t run the marker over the paper in the traditional smooth glide but made lots of dots. And those dots were in a line. To make certain I was fully aware of this new skill of his, he had to show me again. I was eating almonds from a bag while watching “Good Eats” on tv. Bren came up and I gave him one (*shudder, shudder* choking hazard… when IS it actually safe anyway?). I guess he ate it because he came back to claim more. This time he got a handful and dropped them all over the floor. Even though I pulled rank, he managed to sneak a few more before I realized that he had lined them up across the floor. WOW. I think that’s pretty cool, kid.