Looking fouryearoldish

I got Brendan out of his crib this morning, had a little cuddle and then set him on the ground. He immediately walked towards the living room, opened the door, went to the tv, turned it on, *changed the channel to the cartoon station* and plunked down on the floor to watch. He seemed so… fouryearoldish. Where did my baby go?
Looking forward to our Christmas vacation. Bren and I leave Sunday morning and DH follows Wednesday night. My brother just called to say that they are sending so many presents that they have to take them all to the UPS store to have them boxed up in one big box because they just can’t imagine how to do it themselves. WooHoo!
People who have gotten presents from us already seem to really like them. Dad loved the Swiss Colony stoned ground mustard that came with their present- said he’s been looking for a good one for years. Yay! Nico fiddled with her Scent Stories machine all night. Even Mia brings her Care Bear sleeping bag with her everywhere. And Chris… well we haven’t seen him since he opened up his XBox live. He’s either playing or crashed on the couch. Haha. It’s nice to see the stress and effort of finding the right gifts is worth it.
With a smidge of luck, our Christmas cards will be mailed tonight.