Tot talk

Brendan and I spent some time outside today. He sat across from me at our picnic table. He started moving his arms in circles and pointing to the sky. Then he sang out, “The sky is pretty!” Four word sentence #4! I can’t believe he used “the”.
Right now he is sitting in a chair beside me. He has his hand up to his face like a megaphone and is belting out “Da!!!! Da!!!!!” He’s obviously trying to get his daddy to come to him. Such cuteness today!

3 thoughts on “Tot talk

  1. I’m so glad you started this weblog. I love keeping up with you and Brendan. I’ll send you the link to my blog. I started one a couple months back and I write randomly in it.
    Brendan is adorable in the snow picture. He’s so handsome! He looks alot like Darrell! :o)

  2. I love keeping up with you and your family – this site is a great “baby book” for Brendan. My daughter is about 3 months younger & I love to read about what is to come. The pictures of Brendan are terrific too – keep up the good work!

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