A general update as my little guy approaches 22 months

Brendan is doing very well sleeping (knock, knock). He may play for awhile after being put in his crib one or two nights, but he doesn’t cry. He does wake up early about 2 mornings a week too- though I can’t blame him- Nico and her kids wake him while eating breakfast and getting ready. The kitchen in right outside his door.
Found out that Brendan would climb out onto a shelf beside his crib to get a new pacifier if he lost his so that shelf is now across the room. I hate having to go clear across the room to get diapers and wipes but it is much safer now. It was just a matter of time before he swung his legs over and climbed down the shelves too. Hopefully, he won’t get any ideas about climbing out of his crib because I am not ready for that!
Brendan has also just started saying “No!” and pointing his finger at you all the time. It is really annoying and when he follows it with hitting he gets a few minutes in his crib sans the pacifier. I am afraid the Terrible Twos are upon us- conveniently two months early.
Oddly enough, Brendan really enjoys old Heathcliff cartoons now. I am going to try to find the Heathcliff movie on DVD for him. He calls him “Kitty, Kitty”. It’s really sweet. I think he is tired of his Bob cartoons. They don’t keep his interest for long anymore though I can still get a shower out of one of them if I hurry.
He is more interested in books now and will sometimes even sit still through a whole one. This is a big breakthrough for him! He usually gets antsy and turns the pages. He loves books that have the ABCs printed on the inside covers such as Dr’ Seuss’ ABCs and Chicka-chicka-boom-boom. He loves to help us sing the song while we point to each letter. He knows when to say G and ends it with Y and Z on his own.
Brendan eats yogurt now- with a spoon all by himself. Dannon’s La Creme yogurt is really good and the container has an easy wide mouth. We share a McDonald’s yogurt parfait once in awhile. He ate his first McDonald’s cheeseburger the other night. All he left was a rind of bread. It was so cute and he looked so grown-up holding it. Sadly, he isn’t too interested in bananas anymore. He still eats apples though.
I think he has put on some weight. I’d guess that he is 29 pounds now. He’s back into a kissy-huggy stage and I love that!