Of crime and punishment

Bren got in trouble today. We’ve been working on his hitting and he just wouldn’t give it up today. He smacked Darrell a good one this evening so I sent him to his room. Two minutes later, I went and got him and tried to get him to kiss Daddy (kind of saying sorry since he does not yet say sorry). He wouldn’t do it, wouldn’t even look at him. Instead he tried to pull stunts. So he’d go back in his room for a bit and we’d try to get him to apologize again by kissing daddy’s cheek. We went about 5 rounds before he finally gave a half-hearted kiss and hug. It wasn’t very fun.
In the midst of punishing him we were *trying* to watch a simple half-hour episode of Good Eats. Good thing it was taped. We kept pausing and restarting. After it was over we started the show up again and watched the last couple of minutes. I remarked to Nico that I was sorry it took a whole hour to watch- and gave a mock-evil look to Brendan. He immediately countered with, “Oh! My bad!” Omigosh we busted up laughing! Hahahahaha.