Meeting Alton Brown

We drove to Austin on Sunday to take part in an Alton Brown book signing. He’s the host of one of my favorite shows of all time, Good Eats. His books follow the very same humor, popular culture and history as his show and I love them so it was a real treat to meet him and get his autograph in my books. We were even treated to an hour long talk plus a nearby school of cooking prepared items from his latest book for the audience to try. It was super crowded and took up our entire day but lots of fun. Alton Brown is just so funny.

Some interesting Bren-bits from the past few days:
Bren said “Here we go” when an exercise dvd started and “Wait! Wait! Wait!” when I was going out the door. I was so surprised. He also has a mini bottle of bubbles that he got from the opening of a water exihbit at our Children’s meseum. On the cap is a brightly colored fish. He calls them his “fishy bubbles.” 🙂
I also taught Bren and Mia “Ring around the Rosies” today. It was fun and quite a workout! Brendan doesn’t always join in (he beats to his own drummer quite often) and Mia doesn’t always fall down. LOL. What a pair! If you sing the song he’ll spin around and fall down all on his own.

3 thoughts on “Meeting Alton Brown

  1. Hi Jen~
    I have been reading your diaries since you were trying to conceive Brendan! I got pregnant around the same time you did and Michael is 22 months now as well! It is neat “watching” Brendan grow up, just like Michael. Thank you for sharing your life with me! I know you are going through the same things as we are…Brendan is sooooo cute!!!

  2. WOW, what a makeover, I haven’t been to check your site in a while and the new MT format looks great!
    I am also an Alton fan, so I’m terribly envious of the day you and D. had with him! What a great time!!!
    It sounds like Bren is becoming quite the big boy! He and Max are doing a lot of the same things! Isn’t it amazing how much they change and how fast it all happens!
    I’ll be sure to check back more frequently!

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