Craziness abounds

Last night, the 3 of us were doing our standard night time ritual of brushing teeth, getting pajama-ed, reading books, etc. when Brendan suddenly ups and leaves our bedroom. Occassionally he will leave where we are and close the door and then immediately open it back up to see if we missed him. He loves doors and the fact that he can open and close them. So Darrell and I didn’t really think about it for a minute or two. When we realized that he had really left, DH wet to search him out. To our astonishment, he had gone to the other side of the house, opened the door to Mia’s room (an off-limits room to him) and climbed into the crib in which she was sleeping!!! DH just happened to hear Mia let out a confused whine and saw that her door was open. He poked his head in the room and there were two toddlers sitting in the crib! We had a good laugh. The kook.
The countdown to TTC #2 is going pretty swiftly- we have less than 8 months wait left before I have health insurance again. I wrote my RE a letter letting them know we moved and to ask for a status report on our 5 vials of semen that they have in storage. That was a month ago. I am a bit peeved that they haven’t responded and a bit addled with the possibility that they destroyed them or something. So I am biting my nails. If something has happened to them, then we have to buy more (WAY expensive) and have to deal with the possibility of not getting the same donor as Brendan had.
Besides these potential problems, I am very excited to try for another child. Brendan is just the greatest and I really would love to experience a baby again. I can hardly remember when he was a newborn. I am ready to be pregnant, even with horrendous morning sickness that did NOT go away when the 1st trimester ended. I am ready to tackle a VBAC. I am ready to conquer breastfeeding. I am crazy-ready to turn 3 into four.

3 thoughts on “Craziness abounds

  1. Hi. My name is Joana and I am a Mommy to a 4 1/2 month old baby girl. I visited your old journal in the past through Moosejulie’s board and I have to say I love the new changes! Good luck TTC#2!!!

  2. I am so ready for you to ttc tooo!!! Am really hoping our kiddos might be close in age this around…even though it would mean taking a while for us. Since we’re not temping or anything, I seem to have relaxed about all of this. Looks good friend!!!

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