Boy achievements

Last night I brought out a puzzle that we hadn’t played with in awhile. It is the perfect beginner’s puzzle because all the pieces are identical circles. That’s great for toddlers who try to shove a piece into a hole and it doesn’t fit immediately and then promptly throws the piece across the room or at you in frustration. Bren, up until recently, was that way. Now he can move the pieces around a bit til they fit. He’s been doing that for a month or more.
Anyway… these circle pieces fit easily and perfectly every time. The challenge of the puzzle is to match up the colors- red to the red spot, green to green, etc. I don’t know what clicked or when it did but Bren was obviously attempting to match up the like colors. And he did so well! He definitely has red down pat and he definitely mixes up pink and orange. I was impressed. But I certainly can’t take credit for teaching him “matching”. I really would like to know what series of events led him to understanding the concept!
I went on to make Brendan a simple colored cars puzzle on the computer. But DOH! our color ink is out. DH promised to print it at work. I’ll let you know how it goes!
Bren says chips now- he pronounces it “ships” though. Apparently almonds belong in the chips group as well. LOL.

One thought on “Boy achievements

  1. Hey! Brendan is so cute. All his antics reminds me of Jacob. Boys are so cool!
    P.s. We found out this week that we’re expecting another BOY! :o)

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