While the cat’s away…

…DH will play! Jen and Bren are visiting my parents while I have to work (yuck), so just for fun I’ve added some new pictures to the BrenBox at the top right of the main page. Each one has a little description if you hover your mouse over it too! Refresh and Enjoy!!! -DH 🙂

3 thoughts on “While the cat’s away…

  1. I like the one of B doing the class “cheesy” grin. J has the same smile, exactly!!! Too cute!

  2. Hi Jen’s Dh! We love Jen & Brendan on our March board! Cute pics.
    Jen, I like to read your blog. Sorry I don’t leave comments more often. OT, we’re out of colour ink as well except ours has been out for about a year with no plans of getting refilled.

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