Just 1 month til Bren turns 2

Bren and I had a great time visiting his grandparents. He got to run wild and I got to go shopping and go to the casino. We also went to see Pooh’s Heffalump Movie. Brendan LOVED it!! Good thing the theater was practically empty because he was voicing his opinions all the way through (ahem, loudly):
“Ohhhh Noooo!”

He was captivated! LOL. This was his first movie without a carseat (my trick to successful infant/ toddler movie-going). He was pretty good. I had forgotten that the seats need weight to hold them down so Bren had to perch on the end with the diaper bag wedged behind him. He sat there for 1/2 the movie then moved onto my lap. Near the end he sat on the steps right on the other side of my chair. He did get up and explore the empty row in front of us once and he did run down the steps once but all in all he was fine. I will bring the carseat again next time- he’s not ready to sit through a whole movie yet.
While up there, my MIL and I learned how to make low calorie hard candies and lollipops. We used a kit that was made up of Isomalt and Splenda. If I had to guess, I’d say it was 5 oz. Splenda and 15 oz Isomalt. You add 1/2 cup water and mix til dissolved. Then you don’t stir it anymore and heat the mixture to exactly 320. You removed and cool about 10 minutes, add food coloring and 1 teaspoon of candy flavoring, stir, and immediately poor into Pammed molds or onto a Pammed cookie sheet. They came out excellent. Except for the fact that the kit was $16 (gulp!), I was really pleased. So, trial 1 complete for the morning sickness candies I plan on making. My next try will contain pureed ginger root. They’ll be lower calorie if I can find the Isomalt at Sun Harvest or somewhere else local.
Brendan says two more cute things- “pickle” & “See you”. We were leaving out the door to go home in the wee hours of the morning, Bren was asleep on my shoulder. I was saying bye to my MIL and he lifts his head up groggily and says “Bye. Seeeeee you!” and waved groggily. My MIL went back in the house and bawled. LOL. 😉
Well, my biological timebomb is ticking louder. I was messing around on the net and found out that San Antonio has at least 2 midwives now and that they both do waterbirths!! One of my top ten things I want to do in my life is have a completely drug-free waterbirth. I am excited! Darrell asked the Benefits lady at his work if midwives are covered by our insurance and this was her reply:
“Our plan does cover midwife as long as care is under the full-time supervision of a physician and either a registered nurse or a licensed nurse-midwife; and have a written agreement with a Hospital in the same locality for immediate acceptance of patients who develop complications or require pre-or post-delivery confinement.”
I’ll have to find out about the physician and the hospital when I go see one of them when I get pregnant. But the cost is only just over $2000 without insurance- that includes all appointments, delivery, post-baby appointments, the works. Seems pretty cheap for a dream.
I was surprised to find out that Darrell told our roommate about trying to conceive another baby in October. It makes it all more real. I am so excited!!!

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