Happy birthday party to Mia

Mia’s birthday party was last night.

Brendan celebrated by making it official that he is a big boy by refusing to take a nap. He made it all day just fine and even stayed up past his bedtime. Don’t ask me how I feel about this cuz it ain’t good.
I am up with the birds to start preparing for Brendan’s birthday party tonight. It is supposed to get up to 89 today!!! But by 5:00 it should be down to 84 and 77 by 7:00 so it should get back down to pleasant as the party progresses. That’s a good thing because his party is in our backyard.
One good thing about having 2 parties in a row is that much of the prep work is done. The tables are in position in the backyard and most of the house has been straightened up. I need to water the garden and go to the grocery store to buy copious amounts of food. We are expecting 30+ people to show. People seem surprised til I point out that we are a household of seven already.
The menu:
Deli meats and cheeses on white rolls
Chicken Salad on croissants
cocktail sausage speared with mini pretzel sticks (toddler entree)
Veggie tray
chips, punch, sodas
Racetrack cake
That should do it, huh? I think I’ll buy 5 pounds of meats and 3 pounds of cheese- along with the chicken salad, that should cover us all without copious leftovers.
Well, I had better get started. Wish me luck on my first real hosting of a child’s birthday party!